Staged by Melissa

Buy. Sell. Stage.

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Over 77%of buyers find it easier to visualize the property as their future home when it’s staged. 
— National Association of Realtors

Home Staging is the art of preparing your home to become a marketable product to sell at the highest price in the shortest amount of time. 

At Staged Nest Real Estate we highlight your home's strengths, downplay its weaknesses, and help it appeal to the greatest pool of prospective buyers.  We stage vacant and occupied homes with furniture and decorative accessories that modernize the space, making it competitive in today's real-estate market.

A bit about what I do-
Highlight homes strengths + focal points
Downplay its weaknesses…
Bye bye clutter
Re-use + re-purpose
Remove + add
Use what you already have….
Sprinkle color and highlights
Make it shine
Less time on the market
Sell fast + for more money
I’m glad you stopped by!
Let’s make your home beautiful.
— Melissa
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